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Compact cutters: characteristics and selection of blades for #ThePerfectCut

September 14, 2021 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  

The K-41 and KE-4V cutter blades from Sammic’s Compact line also offer advanced functions that enable the machines to provide #ThePerfectCut at all times. Furthermore, these machines are highly versatile thanks to the range of blades on offer. Let’s take a look at them.

Invert-blade technology and side scraper: high quality chopping

Thanks to invert-blade technology and side scrapers built into the actual bowl, a high quality finish can be obtained without any additional tools and without user intervention.

Invert-blade technology means that the upper blade of the rotor has an inverted edge, causing the product to move downwards. By contrast, the lower blade, with a normal edge, causes the product to move upwards. The movement created by the different edges makes it possible to achieve much more uniform finishes.

The side scrapers incorporated into the bowl prevent the product from building up on the sides, pushing it towards the blade without user intervention.  This enables quick and uniform chopping and prevents product overheating.

High tube bowl and high shaft blades: large capacity

The K/KE Compact cutters are available with a 4.4 litre bowl equipped with a high tube and high shaft blades, allowing them to grind, mix, knead, chop... up to 2.5 kg of product in seconds.

A blade for every need

As standard, Compact cutters have a rotor with micro-toothed blades and, optionally, they can be equipped with smooth and perforated blades.


Micro-toothed blades are ideal for cutting parsley and products with a high water content that can be ruined through the use of smooth blades, as well as for frozen products, nuts, cured ham, cooked meat, purées (this type of blade results in finer chopping).

Smooth blades are suitable for cutting raw meat thanks to their edge and shape, which can easily cut through nerve threads and difficult parts of the meat. They are also recommended for vegetables in general, including onion, which they can chop well without releasing too much water.

Perforated blades are used for sauces and for mixing products such as mayonnaise, Marie Rose sauce, garlic mayonnaise, etc., as well as for certain types of dough for baking.

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