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New Compact Active and Ultra cutters: main differences

September 7, 2021 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  

Above, we explained the main differences between the new Compact cutters that have just been launched. These cutters are available in two versions: Active and Ultra. Let’s take a look at the differences.

Speed range 

The main difference between the Active and Ultra lines is the speed range. While the Active model (K-41) has one speed, the Ultra model (KE-4V), just like all other cutters-emulsifiers manufactured by Sammic, has variable speed control.

Variable speed gives the cutter greater versatility, as it can adjust to the product or to the amount of product to be treated.

Furthermore, in the model with variable speed, the machine is equipped with Brushless technology. The main advantage of this technology is that motor torque is maintained throughout the speed range, meaning that a high speed does not affect the machine’s performance.

Ultra line: Advanced timer 

Ultra models are equipped with a timer that can be set for a predefined time, making it possible to see the time remaining at all times. This function is particularly useful for standardising processes.

Built-in programmes, specific functions 

Thanks to the combination of variable speed and timer, the Ultra model has specific built-in programmes for fine or coarse chopping. These programmes combine different speeds and times to optimise parameters and obtain uniform and consistent results in each case.

Control panel 

The Active cutter boasts a control panel with a simple design, enabling a highly intuitive use.

The Ultra model has an advanced control panel that responds to the features offered. The panel is digital, with an LCD colour display. Offering highly intuitive use, this panel provides all available information at a single glance. This gives the user maximum control of the process underway. Furthermore, the advanced control panel simplifies the notification of operating errors, facilitating the maintenance and repair of the machine.

Asynchronous motor vs. Brushless technology 

The Active cutter is equipped with a high-power ventilated asynchronous motor that offers maximum performance at fixed speeds.

The Ultra cutter has maximum efficiency Brushless technology. This technology is synonymous with optimal performance at any speed. As we mentioned above, brushless motors are highly efficient, making it possible to exert the same force at all speed ranges. They also generate less noise, weigh less and, given that they do not need ventilation, they improve the watertightness of the machines.


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