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“Quick fix” bowl clamp to improve the user experience

February 15, 2022 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  

The new “quick fix” multi-purpose bowl clamp was designed to facilitate the work of users who work continuously with Sammic blenders. The two main functions of this support are to support the device in the bowls or cooking vessels on the one hand and, on the other, to provide comfortable and balanced handling of the blender.

We present the new “Quick fix” multi-purpose bowl clamp that improves user comfort when working continuously with the Sammic blenders. This support is valid for any blender arm that can be interlocked for continuous work. Thus, it can be used for the XM range from the series 30 and for TR/BM from the 350 models.

Although all Sammic blender models have a logical size and weight within their range, they are large machines that can cause discomfort to users who work with them continuously. Therefore, this ergonomic support provides two main functions: to facilitate handling the machine with the hands and to support the device in the bowls.

1. Support the machine in the bowls

This accessory serves to support the blender in the bowl. Its shape and design have been considered to be used in all kinds of bowls or cooking vessels. It also works on the clamp sliding frame. Thus, thanks to this clamp, the blender can work continuously, supported by the bowl with high stability (remember that this accessory must always be used under the supervision of the person handling the machine).


2. Better handling of the blender

The “quick fix” clamp also functions as a grip. With the clamp mounted on the blender, the user can hold the machine with both hands, with two support points at a fixed distance from each other. In this way, the user shares the machine’s weight, maintains a better balance, and achieves greater control of the blender. This translates into less stress on the user’s arms and body and facilitates the use of strength when required.

Easy to disassemble and wash

In addition to improving the user’s experience and ergonomics, the clamp does not require tools for assembly or disassembly, thus being very easy, rapid, and safe to use. It can also be cleaned under the tap or even in the dishwasher.

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