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How to clean a commercial dishwasher

June 28, 2022 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch   Euskera  

The life of your dishwasher will depend largely on the maintenance and care it receives. Failure to clean the dishwasher can cause it to break down and increase limescale levels. Therefore, cleaning is vital to extend the life of the dishwasher and to obtain perfect results over time.

For proper dishwasher maintenance, it is recommended to do basic cleaning on a daily basis and a more thorough cleaning once a month.

Daily cleaning of the machine

Daily dishwasher cleaning consists of thoroughly removing food residues from the inserted dishes, preventing food pieces from becoming trapped, and cleaning the inside of the machine. To clean AX and UX dishwashers, follow the instructions below:



  1. UX models with vacuum pump have a self-cleaning programme to empty and do initial cleaning of the dishwasher.
  2. Before cleaning the machine, empty the water from the wash tank and switch off the machine.
  3. Uncouple the spray arms (upper and lower).
  4. Remove surface filters and collect the residues left in the wash tank. Once the debris has been removed, remove the other filters for cleaning: collector filter, suction filter and, in models with a drain pump, the drain filter.
  5. Clean the filters and arms:
    • Remove food debris and other remnants from the disassembled components.
    • Pay special attention that the nozzles of the spray arms are free of any impurities and/or limescale.
  6. Clean the inside and outside of the machine with a damp cloth and neutral soap.
  7. Put the filters and spray arms back in place, following the reverse order of disassembly indicated in step 4.

If the machine operates 24 hours a day, it is advisable to clean the machine every shift.

Monthly cleaning

Monthly cleaning involves cleaning the dishwasher's joints and walls, as this is where most of the dirt accumulates. Therefore, we recommend spending a little time each month to ensure that the joints are cleaned. Make sure it is dry after cleaning.

All these tips will help you to keep your dishwasher at its best. Thanks to this, the dishes will come out in perfect condition and without stains.

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