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Cutting quality and versatility in a compact format

March 15, 2022 Español   Français   Português   Italiano   Deutsch  

We have just launched a new line of vegetable preparation machines, cutters and combi machines called the Compact Line. After “hard work over many years and many generations”, the Sammic R&D team is “proud and excited” to present this new range consisting of two models of each type of machine: Active and Ultra. Specifically, we are presenting the CA-21 and CA-2V vegetable preparation machines, the K-41 cutter and the KE-4V cutter-emulsifier and the CK-241 and CK-24V combi machines with capacities of up to an hourly production of 350 kg as preparer and cutter with a 4.4 litre bowl.  

Efficiency and production, but in a compact format 

This new range has been designed to offer professional performance to users who require a smaller production than offered by Sammic’s other machines. As Aitor Agirrezabalaga, one of the engineers responsible for the development of this new range, explains, “we were already making vegetable preparation machines and cutters, but they were large production machines that took up space in the kitchen. We saw that there were smaller premises or restaurants with a smaller kitchen that couldn’t obtain the right type of machine.” “So we decided to bring our know-how in large scale production to smaller kitchens, giving them good production and efficiency but in a format that is useful for them” adds Tomas Lizarazu, the other engineer responsible for this range.  


Versatility and ergonomics, key features of the Compact Line

Enrique Fleischmann, a user who as Sammic’s Corporate Chef has been involved in the entire process of creating the range, points out that “with this Compact range it is no longer necessary to have a specific place in the kitchen. It is versatile in the sense that I can use it, keep it out or put it away. Their size and movement allow them to be used flexibly in the kitchen and allow us to move them from station to station”. The chef is clear: “One of the first things I requested at the start of the project was for it to be a light machine. It had to be a comfortable and easy-to-use machine.” They had to be very versatile and ergonomic machines, and they are just that: “these new machines offer superior quality in their work and also make you want to use them.” Specifically, these machines are very light and have a good grip area so that the user can move them around.  All the machines’ parts are easy to remove and can be washed in the dishwasher.

In addition, they are designed to take up little space, either in the kitchen or when stored. “The vegetable preparation machine attachment tended to take up a lot of space when stored and we’ve designed it to take up less. This means that the machine, once stored, does not take up more space than its own size”, Agirrezabalaga says. Similarly, they have the cable built into the machine “without leaving dead spots”, so making better use of the space in the kitchen. The cutters also have a side outlet for the product that can be pointed either to the right or to the left. 

In addition, the compact machines offer the option to add the function the machine does not have. Specifically, the CA vegetable preparation machines come with the option to add the cutter function to the machine by adding the bowl with blades and the K/KE cutters can add the cutting function by adding the corresponding head at any time.  

Active and Ultra: High-quality finishes with or without customisation 

The main difference between the Active and Ultra ranges is the motor technology used and the speed range. While the Active models use a high-power asynchronous motor and are single speed, the Ultra models are equipped with Brushless technology motors and are variable speed. In addition, the Ultra models have an advanced colour control panel that makes it much easier for the user to operate the machine. Meanwhile, the Active models come with simply designed panels that are very intuitive to use. 

According to Fleischmann, the Ultra range makes it possible to define “very high production work with customisable finishes”. He says that the range of speeds allows the user to “design” their productions to offer “a more specific quality and customisation”. In contrast, the Active range has a production of “very high quality, but the customisation is lost”.   

Standardisation and respect for the product 

As for the new features of these latest machines, “while there are lots of them that we could discuss” they wanted to underline the capacity of the bowls in the cutters. “A lot of hard work has gone into this point. The people who tested the machine showed us the importance of increasing the bowl capacity, which we did. We changed the mould and emphasised this point”.  In addition, thanks to the brushless motor, the Ultra cutters have three predefined programmes for dense, fine and chunky textures. In addition to the three built-in programmes on the machine, the KE-4V cutter allows the user to create up to 9 custom programs. This allows for processes that are standardised and replicable and, according to Fleischmann, in a kitchen that is “very important”. “Do you know what it means to know, for example, that the hummus will always turn out to have the same texture? That is important in industry, but in the kitchen it is amazing.” In addition, Lizarazu adds that “in reality this brings two advantages because, on the one hand, you always get the best result and you also don’t have to watch the machine all the time.” 

As for the vegetable preparation machines, an ejection slide has been added that allows the cut product to be expelled by gravity and without suffering any blows: “As a result, the product suffers less and this allows its organoleptic qualities to be better maintained.  And since it is removable, you can use the ramp or the ejector disk depending on the product to be cut. It is not one thing or the other, you can decide at any time”.     

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