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Gravity Slide System, ejects the cut product without impact

May 31, 2022 Español   Français   Português   Italiano   Deutsch  

The new vegetable preparation machines and combi machines in the Compact Line include the Gravity Slide System, a ramp along which the cut product can slide, using the effect of gravity and without hitting anything. This unique feature avoids the centrifugal force of the ejector disc and allows the product to slide without hitting anything, thus allowing the product's organoleptic qualities to be better maintained.

As can be seen in the video, the Gravity Slide System is particularly useful for cutting slices and reconstructing the product for its later preservation or presentation. Thanks to this reconstruction, the product retains its organoleptic qualities for longer. In addition, the user can quantify the number of portions available, avoiding waste and improving profitability. As mentioned by Enrique Fleischmann, a user of the system and Corporate Chef at Sammic, “having tomatoes is not the same as having one, two or three tomatoes”. In this way, it is easier than ever to standardise dishes for banquets, as well as for other establishments where the presentation of the dish is very important.

In addition, this ramp can be removed, allowing the user to choose between the ramp and the ejector disc, which also comes as standard with the machine, depending on the product to be cut. So, they don't always have to use one option or the other and at any time they can decide which of the two to use to standardise #ThePerfectCut depending on the product to be cut. Since it can be removed, the ramp is also quick and easy to clean and this can be done in the dishwasher.

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