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Maximum resource efficiency with Sammic dishwashers

July 26, 2023 Español   Français   Português   Italiano   Deutsch  

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, it is crucial to adopt practices that minimize our impact and maximize resource efficiency. 

At Sammic, we strive to develop equipment that not only delivers exceptional performance but also minimizes resource consumption and reduces our environmental footprint. We firmly believe that by making intelligent and responsible use of resources, we can significantly contribute to sustainability and caring for the planet. With this commitment in mind, we have designed our range of AX-UX dishwashers with the goal of achieving maximum resource efficiency without compromising on quality and performance.


1. New deep-drawn bodywork:

Ecology and cost savings

The deep-drawn tanks of the AX-UX dishwashers provides improved washing performance with a 30% water saving. This reduced water consumption translates to economic savings and helps preserve this valuable resource. Additionally, there is a 30% energy saving and a 25% detergent saving, benefiting both your business and the environment.

2. Hydroblade wash arms:

Effectiveness and efficiency

The AX-UX dishwashers are equipped with Hydroblade wash arms that ensure exceptional cleaning. These arms utilize a linear design, providing a uniform and powerful curtain of water, effectively removing dirt. The monoblock design integrates key components, enhancing strength, sealing, and lightness. The new Hydroblade arms consume 30% less water during rinsing and are 40% lighter, resulting in a more uniform and powerful water jet.

3. Partial water renewal:

Optimal, consistent performance

The deep-drawn bodywork allows for partial water renewal after each cycle, preventing dirt saturation and ensuring consistent washing effectiveness. The controlled renewal process occurs in several stages, renewing approximately 15% of the water in the tank after each cycle and improving washing efficiency. In other words, the wash tank water is completely renewed every 7 cycles.

Optional features in the Ultra Range (UX)

4. Thermoacoustic Insulation (S models):

Sammic Insulation System

Our Ultra dishwashers (UX) offer thermoacoustic insulation thanks to the double-walled structure of the Sammic Insulation System. This reduces the machine's noise emission, retains residual heat, and improves thermal performance, resulting in energy savings.


5. Steam condenser (V models):

Turning a problem into a resource

Ultra dishwashers (UX) feature an integrated steam condenser, reducing the room's temperature rise by 50% and decreasing emitted steam by 75%. This saves up to 40% in electrical consumption, enhances water temperature recovery, and does not require additional installation.


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