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Differences between the drill and the disc guard

June 27, 2023 Español   Français   Português   Italiano   Deutsch  

On the left, the drill, and on the right, the disc guard.

Among the components included in our vegetable preparation machines CA-41 and CA-4V, there are two parts that generate doubts among our users: the disc guard or revolving shaft and the drill. Many users have asked us about the differences between these components and which one is suitable for each product. Do you want to know what each part is used for and when you should use each of them? Keep reading!

Both the disc guard and the drill are screwed onto the machine's shaft and are very easy to assemble with the special tool included for mounting. It is worth noting that, for every use of the machine, it is essential to attach one of these two parts. However, as similar as they may appear, these parts perform different functions, and their correct use is crucial to obtain the best cutting results.



The drill is exclusively used for cutting whole round products such as cabbage, lettuce, or similar items. By rotating together with the cutting disc, the drill helps cut the bottom part of the product, which is usually the toughest. Therefore, this part cuts the product.

>> See how to assemble the drill on the machine



Disc guard or revolving shaft

The disc guard is used for cutting all products except for those mentioned in the previous point. This component distributes the product to be cut to the sides and prevents it from staying in the center of the cutting mouth, where the disc does not cut. It neither damages nor cuts the product we are handling; it simply distributes it.

>> See how to assemble the disc guard on the machine

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