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SmartVide XL, the state-of-the-art sous-vide cooker

May 10, 2023 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  

We present the new SmartVide XL sous-vide cooker, which replaces the SmartVide X and completes, together with thermocirculators SmartVide 9SmartVide 7 and SmartVide 5, the latest generation thermocirculator family from Sammic. The SmartVide XL, with a power of 2600 W, is a high capacity professional sous-vide cooker. With a 5” touch screen and Wi-Fi and Wireless connectivity, it is designed to work in containers with a capacity of up to 120 litres.

Professional performance: Precision and high capacity

The SmartVide XL thermocirculator is equipped with a high precision temperature control system and it is ideal for offering professional performance, because, thanks to its high power, heating times are minimal. This cooker can function in a variety of containers, such as containers especially designed for it, gastronorm containers or any other type of container that meets the requirements: maximum capacity up to 120 l and minimum depth of 200 mm. Furthermore, the SmartVide XL can be combined with the new 120P heated bath, with 5.6 kW of total power, which allows operators to serve up to 200 portions of 200 g per hour*, with the same precision as obtained using a typical countertop sous vide bath.

* Maximum capacity for large-scale cooking and temperature maintenance. This capacity can vary depending on the cooking or regeneration requirements.


Wireless and Wi-Fi connectivity: Advanced performance

The SmartVide XL comes with Wireless and Wi-Fi connectivity, which gives the cooker very advanced performance. Thanks to these features, among many other functions, the user can easily create recipes, carry out an effective HACCP control, have the machine always up to date and send the machine logs to email in a single step. Furthermore, the touch screen, especially designed for kitchens, offers the user all the information at a glance and makes operation extremely intuitive. From this screen, the user can easily access the complete settings menu offered by the new machine.


Regenerate and pasteurise, more easily than ever

Among the new features of this latest generation cooker, the possibility of working with an undefined time should also be highlighted. This function is especially suitable for regeneration, as it allows temperature to be set without presetting a time. It also has a crucial function for pasteurisation: probe activated cycle start. With this function, when the temperature established for the core of the product is reached, the cycle is started automatically.

Digitalise the processes with Janby Track

Furthermore, SmartVide XL can operate both with Janby Track and with the application integrated into the device, Janby Track Mini from Janby Digital Kitchen*.  This application makes it possible to control and digitalise different cooking and regeneration times of the different bags in the same bath without the need for additional equipment. In this way, every batch can be tracked and the user can deliver a superior culinary experience and standardised service while automating food safety requirements.

* This service, as well as the additional functionalities, is enabled separately through our Gastronomy 4.0 technological partner Janby Digital Kitchen.

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