Food processor / Veg prep combi machines
Combi veg prep and food processor - Active range   Combi veg prep and food processor - Ultra Range  

The perfect cut, with many possibilities.

It consists of a variable speed motor block with a regular or large capacity hopper and a cutter-mixer bowl complete with a hub with serrated blades.

COMPACT line: compact design and commercial performance

  • Available in 1-speed ACTIVE range and variable-speed ULTRA range. ULTRA range equipped with high-efficiency "brushless" technology and advanced features.
  • Big capacity in compact format: 4.4 lt bowl and big production capacity.
  • Sturdy fiberglass-reinforced polymer construction.
  • Designed to make the most of your workspace.
  • Highly resistant, dishwasher-safe Tritan™ (BPA-free and any bisphenol-free recyclabe copolyester) bowl.
  • "Invert-blade" technology and lateral stirrers designed to obtain a homogeneous grinding results without traces.

HEAVY-DUTY line (all ULTRA range): adjustable speed models equipped with "brushless" technology: powerful and efficient motors

  • Maximum efficiency: maintain the torque throughout the speed range.
  • Exclusive "Force control system": guarantee of a uniform and high quality result.
  • Lightweight and compact design: they weigh less, they occupy less space.
  • Improved air/water-tightness since no ventilation is required.
  • They generate less noise: improved workplace environment.

Vegetable slicer function: a perfect cut.

  • High precision settings and comprehensive cutter and disc design aimed at obtaining a perfect cut.
  • COMPACT line: exclusive "Gravity slide system" - gravity product expulsion ramp allows to reconstruct the sliced product for storing or presentation purpose. 
  • Ejection disc included on all models for the products that require its use.
  • It can be fitted with a wide range of discs and grids of the highest cutting quality. Combining these accessories together to obtain more than 35 (Compact line) / 70 (Heavy Duty line) different types of cuts and grating grades.

Cutter function: efficiency and performance.

Built to last

  • Sturdy construction in food-grade best quality materials.

Maximum comfort for the user

  • Ergonomic design: product sliced in one single movement.
  • Lateral product output: requires less space on the worktop and guides the product, avoiding splashes.

Maintenance, safety, hygiene

  • Lever, lid and bowl are easily removable for cleaning purposes.
  • Combination of safety systems: head, cover, bowl, power switch.
  • Appliances certified by NSF International (regulations on hygiene, cleaning and materials suitable for contact with foods).
  • 100% tested.

CA veg prep machines Cutter K/KE


Combi veg prep and food processor - Active range
Available in Compact line

  •  Motor block + vegetable slicer attachment + 4,4 l cutter bowl.


Combi veg prep and food processor - Ultra Range
2 in 1: vegetable preparation machine and processor. Variable speed on all models.

Models equipped with "brushless" technology: maximum efficiency

  • Variable-speed motor block + feed opening adapted to production + cutter bowl.
  • Serrated blades (standard). Optional smooth and perforated blades.
  • Advanced control panel: all the information at a glance.
  • Maximum efficiency: maintain the torque throughout the speed range.
  • The exclusive "Force control system" guarantees a standardised and high-quality cut. 
  • Light and compact design: less weight, space-saving.
  • Improved water-tightness as ventilation is not required.
  • They generate less noise, improving the workplace environment.
  • Built-in programs and option to customize programs for recipe standardization.
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CK-241 CK-24V CK-35V CK-38V CK-45V CK-48V
Selection guide
Covers (from / to) 10 - 50 10 - 50 100 - 450 100 - 450 100 - 600 100 - 600
Hourly production 50 - 350 Kg 50 - 350 Kg 100 - 450 Kg 100 - 450 Kg 200 - 650 Kg 200 - 650 Kg
Inlet opening 89cm² 89cm² 136cm² 136cm² 286cm² 286cm²
Bowl capacity 4.4l 4.4l 5.5l 8l 5.5l 8l
Speeds as cutter (positions) 1 10 10 10 10 10
Motor RPM (Cutter) -- - 1500 rpm 300 - 3000 rpm 300 - 3000 rpm 300 - 3000 rpm 300 - 3000 rpm 300 - 3000 rpm
Speed as veg. slicer 1 5 5 5 5 5
Motor RPM (Veg.Prep.) -- - 1500 rpm 300 - 1000 rpm 300 - 1000 rpm 300 - 1000 rpm 300 - 1000 rpm 300 - 1000 rpm
Single Phase 800W 1100W 1500W 1500W 1500W 1500W
External dimensions (WxDxH)
Dimensions (Veg.Prep.) 378x309 x 533 mm 378x309 x 533 mm 391x409 x 552 mm 391x409 x 552 mm 391x400 x 652 mm 391x400 x 652 mm
Dimensions (Cutter) 252x309 x 434 mm 252x309 x 434 mm 286x387 x 487 mm 286x387 x 517 mm 286x387 x 487 mm 286x387 x 517 mm
Net weight (Veg.Prep.) 15.2Kg 12.9Kg 24Kg 24Kg 27Kg 27Kg
Net weight (Cutter) 14.2Kg 11.9Kg 18Kg 19Kg 18Kg 19Kg
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