Gas griddle plates

Grills for the professional Kitchen: Stainless steel and Hard Chromium plated surfaces.

  • Gas grills.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Available with stainless steel or hard-chromium coated surface.
comparison table  ( Yes   Optional   — No )
SPG-601 SPG-801 SPG-1001 SPC-601 SPC-801
Plate surface 583 x 395 mm 783 x 395 mm 983 x 395 mm 555 x 400 mm 755 x 400 mm
Burners 2 3 3 2 3
Steel surface
Hard chrome surface
Total loading 5500W 8250W 9300W 6000W 8700W
External dimensions (WxDxH)
Width 600mm 800mm 1020mm 600mm 800mm
Depth 507mm 507mm 507mm 507mm 507mm
Height 234mm 234mm 234mm 234mm 234mm
Net weight 19Kg 26Kg 36Kg 35Kg 52Kg
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