Perfect sanitisation of dishes and utensils

Perfect sanitisation of dishes and utensils

The SaniControl guarantee

  • All Sammic glasswashers and dishwashers comply with the DIN 10534 standard, which determines the operating temperatures and cycle times required to wash dishes hygienically.
  • Models with Thermal Lock also have our SaniControl guarantee. A minimum rinse temperature is set at the start of the cycle and with this option activated the dishwasher does not start to rinse until the required temperature is reached.
  • Some models go one step further and have a constant temperature rinse system where the rinsing process is carried out at a constant temperature from start to finish.
  • Dishwashers with the constant temperature rinse system are the models developed by Sammic specifically for health centres.

Glasswashers and dishwashers with constant temperature rinse system

  • The rinsing process is carried out at a constant temperature from start to finish.
  • A pressure pump ensures there is adequate pressure so that the articles are rinsed effectively.
  • Thermal Lock: rinsing does not start until the ideal temperature is reached.
  • Washing and rinsing temperature display: maximum user control.
  • SaniControl guarantee and compliance with DIN 10534.

Rack conveyor dishwashers: hygiene and productivity

Washing tunnels for large production kitchens, from 1800 to 5000 plates/hour. Ideal for large communities.

  • A minimum contact with water according to the DIN 10510 washing standard is guaranteed to provide effective disinfection.
  • Guaranteed continuous operation without temperature drops thanks to high-powered heating elements.
  • Maximum process control thanks to the temperature display.úneles de lavado para grandes producciones, desde 1800 hasta 5000 platos/hora. Ideales para grandes colectividades.

Perfectly sterilised cutlery

  • Cutlery dryer-polishers are automatic machines equipped with a carousel along which the cutlery passes after washing. Cutlery is dried, sterilised and any limescale stains are removed without the need for any further polishing by hand.
  • All thanks to the combined action of:
    • A plant-based granulate and heat, which dries the surfaces.
    • A UVC germicidal lamp that sanitises both the cutlery and the granulate used to treat it.

Knife steriliser

  • Cabinets with UV germicidal lamps that sterilise the knives in less than 30 minutes.
  • There is no damage to the sharpness thanks to the non-magnetic blade holder.


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